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[career_year year=”2015″ title=”Web Developer
Soul IT Solutions” text=”Responsible for working on a range of projects, designing appealing websites and interacting on a daily basis with graphic designers, back-end developers and marketers. Accounting for managing the delivery of critical projects and providing managerial support for all the projects conducted by the company.”]
[career_year year=”2011″ title=”Assistant Developer
Soul IT Solutions” text=”Developed, managed, operated and promoted an Internet business. Handled customer support issues. Analyzed, developed and tested Internet shopping sites and Internet stock management systems.”]
[career_year year=”2008″ title=”Assistant
Soul IT Solutions” text=”Worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team, carrying out ad-hoc tasks as requested by the IT Manager. Had a specific brief to ensure the websites build for customer’s precisely matched their requirements. Specialized on testing and debugging.”]
[career_year year=”2007″ title=”Project Manager
Allied System Group” text=”Responsible for participating in the full life cycle of new website development projects, and for implement and maintaining best practice procedures in all areas of work. Also in charge of writing, developing and managing the content of websites.”]
[career_year year=”2005″ title=”Research Assistant
Digital Press Center” text=”Provided computer related hardware/software maintenance and support to employees throughout the company. Maintained software and hardware related products. Work as a research assistant with a professor in the area of digital image processing.”]
[career_year year=”2003″ title=”Database Engineer
Digital Press Center” text=”Provided technical expertise for database design, development, implementation, information storage and retrieval, data flow and analysis. Supported the development of long and short term requirements for database administration and design.”]
[career_year year=”2002″ title=”Technical Writer
Allied System Group” text=”Prepared clear, concisely written documentation that communicated technical information to a target audience. Prepared manuals, journal manuals, journal articles and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily.”]
[career_year year=”2001″ title=”Web Maintainer
Allied System Group” text=”Made sure existing content on the website was up to date, posted news on the unit website for achievements, upcoming events, and other announcements. Posted events on the website calendar and linked to news items or other content as appropriate.”]
[career_year year=”2000″ title=”Web Accessibility Consultant
Allied System Group” text=”Provided accessibility consulting, web accessibility evaluations, accessibility training, design and development and expert witness services. Aware of common usability concerns for certain user class, have a high degree of familiarity with audit methodologies.”]
[career_year year=”1999″ title=”Software Engineer
Digital Press Center” text=”Analyzed user’s needs, and then designed, tested and developed software to meet those needs. Created flowcharts, diagrams, detailed sets of instructions (algorithms), worked on documentations creation. Maintained general computer applications and specialized utility programs.”]
[career_year year=”1998″ title=”Marketing Specialist
Digital Press Center” text=”Responsible for designing, creating, and delivering marketing programs to support the growth and expansion of company products and services. Developed sales presentations and provided reports based on marketing trends, competition, new products and pricing.”]
[career_year year=”1997″ title=”Editorial Strategist
Virginia Tech” text=”Developed and coordinated elements of content marketing programs, with the goal of providing thought-leadership content. Worked with content-producing agencies to ensure consistency with campaign messages and content style.”]
[career_year year=”1997″ title=”Web Content Writer
Virginia Tech” text=”Created high quality content according to specified deadlines . Collaborated with design/ marketing team to generate creative concepts that meet all marketing and business objectives. Defined a relevant and effective message for customers – driven towards conversion and retention.”]
[career_year year=”1995″ title=”Web Content Assistant
Virginia Tech” text=”Reviewed, edited and rewrote texts for content suitability, grammar, consistency, comprehensibility, intuitive navigation and search engine optimization. Managed content for social media channels and communities (e.g., Twitter, Google+, Facebook) as part of an integrated social media strategy.”]

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