18 May 2023 – July 4th.

Simon Vega
Templo Volador de Ehécatl 
(dejando atrás Pino Suárez) 
Acrílico sobre tela 
66 x 66 cms. 
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REM Project presents an innovative exploration of the evolving relationship between physical and digital art in the context of an Storage Unit in thees intelligence Society. Digital Resilience Expressions. This exhibition aims to address the challenges and possibilities that arise from the coexistence of these distinct art forms, highlighting the importance of finding synergies and forging new connections.

“Storage Unit” at REM Project serves as a catalyst for envisioning the future of art in an Intelligence society. By bridging the divide between physical and digital art, this exhibition prompts viewers to reflect on the transformative potential of technology, the preservation of artistic legacies, and the reimagining of exhibition spaces. 

Through the creative integration of intelligence Society, augmented reality, and virtual reality, “Storage Unit” invites audiences to engage with art in a multi-dimensional and immersive manner. Ultimately, the exhibition envisions an  Intelligence society where the boundaries between physical and digital art blur, fostering a new era of artistic expression, connection, and appreciation.  Here in these Storage you can let yourself be found by an artwork.

Written by Art Futurist ChatGPT