FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Rem Project connect the Puerto Rico Island to the world.

REM Project, San Juan, Puerto Rico is proud to announce the creation of is the first online art gallery about Puerto Rico and we will be launch at VOLTA Art Fair during The Armory Show weekend at NYC these next March 7-11, 2008.

These online art gallery and community will present our art around the world and will educate all the users about our culture through the arts and for those brother boricuas out now you can re-connect with us trough the expression of our Artist. Said: Roberto Escobar Molina, Director of REM Project. is a curated art online platform dedicated to promote Puerto Rico’s growing art scene. Our artist discourse now a days have put San Juan, Puerto Rico to be consider one of the art city of the future.  Our team have chosen the best representation on paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, Prints and Cartels in a variety range of prices, in an expertly curated environment we exhibit and sell our cultural patrimony.

log on and enjoy it. 



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. “Rafael Vargas Bernard at VOLTA Art Fair, NYC as part of the Armory Show Weekend”.


REM Project is proud to announce the qualification to participate in VOLTA Art Fair, NYC from the 8-11 March, 2018. This represents the international debut for the San Juan, Puerto Rico based Contemporary Art Gallery. In this next edition of Volta REM Project will present the solo show of the artist Rafael Vargas Bernard titled Buscando en el escombro for something better.


REM Project announce the creation of “La Comuna…”

REM Escobar the Director of REM Project. Announce the creation of the first artist studio community in Puerto Rico.

LA COMUNA… It’s a self sustainable Art Center.

Our purpose is to supports diverse artistic activities that bring together professional artists and the broader community to form a community art space offering art gallery, art workshops, studio facilities, and art services for these professional artist or anyone that have a serious commitment in the art. These artist community have open doors for  the Caribbean, Latin American and International Artist will use the art space that will provide for the a Art Gallery, His Own art Studio, class room for continue education to the artist, Art residency Program for selected artist.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. “There is Always a Light to Turn Off”

There is always a light to turn off

 REM Project Gallery presents the exhibition:

There is Always a Light to Turn Off

There is Always a Light to Turn On, refers to aspects of human evolution and behavior in the current political-social context in relation to the way we sense, and understand our existence in utopian – or dystopian – civilizations. The participating artists, articulate their respective visions of the world through the use of video and photographs.  Our comprehension the present and how the future is perceived through different contradictory emotions such as romantic ideas of our past versus, feelings of loss and urgency.




REM Project Gallery presents the exhibition:


Rem Project Gallery is pleased to present this coming Friday, January 6 from 7-11pm, Promesa under the theme of the promise, where a series of performances and actions will be carried out in Rem Project Gallery located in Santurce, Puerto Rico. We think of a promise as a commitment that one person makes with another through an agreement when engaging in the fulfillment of an action. Promise is also a cultural phenomenon deep rooted in religious practices during the time of Spanish colonization, whose customs consisted in the veneration of the saints through requests.



REM Project Gallery presents the exhibition:


Friday, December 23, 2016, from 7:00 pm at 204 Calle Canals Santurce, PR.  Rem Project is pleased to invite you to the exhibition entitled Pareidolia. The title refers to the psychological phenomenon in which a random stimuli is mistakenly perceived as a recognizable form.  This occurrence is based on the theory of memory and prediction generally associated with archeology and religious experiences. In the context of the exhibition the set of works obey perceptive games of forms and structures that refer to everyday situations that are thematically oriented to celebration, rituals of consumption and both individual and collective memory.