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Chemi Trampolin
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[text class=”descriptions”] REM Project is a contemporary art space located in San Juan, Puerto Rico dedicated to exhibiting Caribbean, Latin American, and International artists, which was created by Roberto Escobar Molina (REM). The gallery focuses on curating a broad selection of multidisciplinary artists from different parts of the World, whose work ranges in different medias, such as: paintings, installations, sculptures, murals, mixed media, photography, film, conceptual art and whatever challenges the human edge. REM Project wants to add more to the island’s growing art scene, making the gallery a center of influence in this part of the world, recognized by collectors globally.[/text]

[text class=”descriptions”] Art Work by: Chemi Rosado Seijo,

El Trampolin,

26″ x 18″ – 2000.  [/text]


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