Monica Parada and Spencer Tunick take to the streets of Mexico City with painted nudes, for REM Project Booth in ZⓈONAMACO Arte Contemporáneo


Monica Parada and Spencer Tunick take to the streets of Mexico City with painted nudes, for REM Project Booth in ZⓈONAMACO Arte Contemporáneo

For the third consecutive occasion, Rem Project participates in the celebration of the ZⓈONAMACO Art Fair in Mexico City. After two successful presentations, this year Afro-Puerto Rican gallerist Roberto Escobar Molina presents CORPUS MEUM, an individual project by artist Mónica Parada. The artist will be accompanied by American artist-photographer Spencer Tunick and Puerto Rican Camila Buxeda. In addition, REM is once again betting on the digital format, including a selection of NFTs that can be seen in some of Parada’s sculptures and in a technological proposal that allows storing and distributing the files in a single device. 

CORPUS MEUM is an extension of Monica Parada’s most recent exhibition at REM Project Gallery. In her research, Parada challenges pre-established gender roles, questioning the parameters of social norms that determine the conventions between feminine or masculine exploring the diversity that exists between gender identities. For this event, Spencer Tunick together with Mónica Parada develop a collaboration that combines photography and performance in an action that involves several participants, including the artist Camila Buxeda, who will star in an exercise of dissidence through different types of interventions. In Tunick’s words: “We are mixing painting and photography to explore fluidity and gender non-conformity”. For his part, Parada is producing a series of paintings on paper, cut to life-size and designed to interact with the nude subjects participating in the performance, who will be photographed by Tunick as part of the action. This project will take place the weekend of February 4 in Mexico City and the results exhibited at the opening of ZⓈONAMACO on February 8th. This will be the first time Tunick will be photographing in Mexico City since his project with Andrés Blaisten at the Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco in 2009.

In addition, the exhibition Mónica Parada includes in which the public is invited to interact with a work that fuses the sculptural with the digital. This collaboration is linked to the launch of Black Box, a digital platform of NFTs through which the work of the artists: Monica Parada, BUBU Negron, Juan ¨JUFE¨ Fernandez, Jason Mena, Franzman Espino, Eliza Matthew and CRYPTOHAWKN.

In 2020, REM Project received the award for best booth in the ‘New Proposals’ section and was nominated as one of the best of the fair. Last year, as part of the EJE section,  the gallery presented an exhibition loaded with critical content about the future, articulating a dialogue between the work of artists from Africa, Central America and the Caribbean. In this edition of the Fair, the gallery will occupy booth number EJ60, Curated by Direlia Lazo. ZⓈONAMACO is the largest fair platform in Latin America founded in 2002 by Zélika García with four events held annually in Mexico City. This edition takes place February 8-12, 2023 at the facilities of Centro Citibanamex at Av. del Conscripto 311 in Lomas de Sotelo. 

REM Project is a gallery founded in 2009 by Afro-Puerto Rican gallerist Roberto Escobar Molina. Among its principles is its mission to stimulate the economy of the local art circuit through international ventures. Its headquarters is located at 204 Canals Street, 1st floor in Santurce, Puerto Rico. For more information, visit or email [email protected].

For more information about the artist please visit their website,,, Or their Instagrams @monicaahh, @spencertunick, @cocodrilox.


Monica Parada
Spencer Tunick


Monica Parada
Sappho 31
57¨x 48¨ Mix Media
On paper. 2022.