5 October 2015 – 15 January 2016

As a greeting to the 4th. Poly Graphic Triennial of Latin America and the Caribbean 2015, REM Project is launching their first group exhibition in its new space in Santurce, PR. This new exhibition has been organized with selected artists and specific artwork. The artists featured in this group exhibition are: Alexis Diaz “La Pandilla”, Bik-ISMO, Chemi Rosado Seijo, Edgardo Larregui, Bubu Negrón, Jason Mena, Jorge “Rito” Cordero, Melvin Martínez, Karlo Andrei Ibarra, Omar Velázquez, Readmes “Juni” Figueroa, Quintín Rivera Toro and Zilia Sánchez. These are artist’s representative of Contemporary Art in Puerto Rico and their artwork have been presented locally and internationally. “Rastreadas” or Tracked, is an art show where the artists converge their styles and techniques to display their social, political and economic story around their experience in todays colony of Puerto Rico. Some work with the historic cultural values, such as using the architecture of various cities in the island, in order to create their work. Some may also present the political and economical narrative in the island through their unique view, from socially engaged works to embracing the new material in paintings and sculptures. Reaching a very exclusive audience, through developing and interchangeable cultures. The “tracked” works presented here have something in common: they have been presented or documented exclusively by the artist in museums, biennials, cultural institutions, universities, in and out of Puerto Rico. Some of them have also received awards and fellowships or have been documented on important publications adding something to the art conversation.


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