6 January – Performance Series



Rem Project Gallery is pleased to present this coming Friday, January 6 from 7-11pm, Promesa under the theme of the promise, where a series of performances and actions will be carried out in Rem Project Gallery located in Santurce, Puerto Rico. We think of a promise as a commitment that one person makes with another through an agreement when engaging in the fulfillment of an action. Promise is also a cultural phenomenon deep rooted in religious practices during the time of Spanish colonization, whose customs consisted in the veneration of the saints through requests. In the current political context of Puerto Rico, a promise, or Promesa as it is better known locally, nevertheless consists of the imposition of a Fiscal Board with plenary powers over state laws. Beginning, from this starting point, the artists establish powerful reflections in relation to power structures within a broad spectrum ranging from resistance, institutional criticism, and resilience. Participating artists: Awilda Rodríguez Lora, Rafael Vargas Bernard and Wilmarie Rivera and Las Canas



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